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75 USD
Come and try scuba diving with us! It's your chance to discover greatest dive sites in Maldives around Thoddoo, Rasdhoo and Ukulhas islands.
Diving is much easier and more fun than you might think!

We offer:
• Underwater excursion (30-40 min)
• Professional guiding
• Equipment rental
• Discount for further activities
from 400 USD
Why not combine your diving adventure with some diving training? While diving with dolphins, sharks, stingreys, grab some extra certifications. We offer PADI, CMAS, IANTD courses up to Instructor's levels.

Scuba Diver Course:
• Theory lessons
• Confined water dives
• Open water dives
• Professional guiding
• Equipment rentals
• Certiication fee
• 10% discount off all Diving center services
One day package $100 • 2 guided dives
• Tanks and weights
• Transfer by boat
• Fruits and drinks
One week package $700 • 6 days / 12 dives on Thoddoo, Rasdhoo and Ukulhas dive sites
• 2 night dives for free (for Adv divers and Night specialty)
• Tanks and weights
• Equipment rental included
• Lunch and drinks


Maldives is the world diving destination #1. Maldives has everything to prove it: clear warm water all year around, perfect visibility (20-40 m), and fantastic marine life. Corals, sponges, nudibranchs, fish, stingrays, dolphins, mantas, sharks - you name it. Diving in Maldives has some cool features. Most famous one is currents. Sometimes mild, sometimes strong, but always enjoyable. Jump in, adjust your buoyancy, and... just relax. Move with the waters along the reef walls (faru in Dhivehi), enjoy spectacular views of sea inhabitants, breath in, breath out. Napoleon wrasse, parrot fish, trigger fish, angel fish, snappers, groupers, sweetlips will be your companions in the journey. Mantas and reef sharks patrolling their areas or arriving to cleaning stations are often seen too. In Thoddoo, there are some nice walls up to 30-40 meters deep. Diving in channels (kandu in Dhivehi) between atolls and islands in Maldives sometimes can be challenging due to strong currents and visibility but always awesome because of greater chance to encounter sharks and mantas and better coral life. Madivaru channel near Rasdhoo island is the place to see hammerhead sharks. North channel (north to Veligandu resort) is where you can see mantas almost every day. There are some underwater rocks growing almost up to the surface called 'thilas'. These formations are like stop signs for the currents, providing food for corals and sponges - favourite food of bigger fish, turtles and sharks. Best thilas are located near Ukulhas island (Maaya Thila, Maa thila). What about cavern diving, wreck diving, night diving? Yes, yes, and yes. You can have it all. Please contact us for detailed itinerary. We'll be happy to assist you planning your stayand diving in Thoddoo, Rasdhoo, Ukulhas.



Thoddoo is a great spot to for manta diving. We spot these beautiful rays almost all year around. There are couple cleaning stations near Thoddoo, and of course, there is plenty of plankton.

Manta intelligence is a hot and often controversial topic. Are they really that smart or that's just a curiosity? Many fish seem curious at times, big groupers or even sharks, but mantas behavior is somewhat different. We have met many different mantas here. (Yes, we know them by names - manta's belly patterns are unique just like human's fingerprints). Some are really friendly and playful. Dr Zoidberg likes to swim very close to divers, catching our bubbles - kinda taking jacuzzi.. In opposite, Eva keeps distance. Mantas are able to hear our bubbles and choose for themselves to go out or hide in the blue. Mantas would often take a diver for a walk - just like a human takes his dog out. Usually, chasing mantas is a bad idea. It's nothing but waste of air as manta rays are way better swimmers. But sometimes they stop and look behind, waiting for you to catch up. Still thinking mantas are nothing but big fish? Think again! And come & dive with mantas with Thoddoo Diving Center. Email us or Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram +37127654614.