Welcome to Thoddoo - quiet, cozy, green but never boring. Spend few days on our great white beaches swimming in the big blue lagoon and polishing your sun tan. Take a trip around Thoddoo fruit plantations.Try your luck hunting lobsters. Tease your taste buds with freshly caught fish.  
  • Snorkeling. $20 per person
    Boat trip to coral garden. 2 hrs
  • Romantic Dinner. $80 per couple
    Very special event. Just for two.
  • Manta / Dolphin Watching. $25 per person
    Boat trip. 2 hrs
  • Reef Hunting. $25 per person
    Boat, equipment, guide included. Max 2 hrs
  • Fishing. $25 per person (min 2 pax)
    Boat, equipment, guide included. Max 2 hrs
  • Sunset Cruising. $25 per person (min 2 pax)
    Enjoy sunset in the open sea. Fruits & drinks included.
  • Fruit and Veggy Tour. $25 per person
    An excursion around local fruit plantations. Max 3 hrs
  • Big Game Fishing. $150 per trip